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Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    FRIDAY 2 - 12 - 21

    8:30 AM



    ID: 869 1005 4313

    Welcome to our school. We are fortunate that we have a new Assistant Principal in charge of our special education department. Welcome to Ms. Lilly Valdivia, our new APEIS she can be reached at school at

    (818) 784-6283

    On Mondays, Fridays and every other Tuesday

    our school video

    Our Vision

    Provide an environment that nurtures every student’s innate ability to learn

    and achieve while fostering social and emotional growth. 

    We focus on collaborative experiences in 

    Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics 

    in order to prepare our students to succeed as 

    21st Century LEADERS and INNOVATORS


    enrollment 2020-2021

    Thank you for considering Dixie Canyon Community Charter as your school for the 2020 - 2021 school year. This year due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, our school will begin VIRTUALLY. Our staff is prepared to address our student's educational needs, and we have a robust educational program.  To enroll for this school year, please contact our office at

    (818) 784-6283 to make an appointment or send an email 

    You can also enroll online. Please fill out the instructions below:

    Before you begin this application process enter your current address in the Resident School Finder Resident School Finder

    • Go online to: LAUSD Enrollment to fill out and upload documents in order to enroll your child
    • Once all the docs have been vetted by Student Health and Human Services (SHHS), Dixie Canyon Community Charter will receive a notification.
    • As a part of this application, you will enter information about your child and you will need to upload the following documents 
    • Upload proof of residence, proof of age for the student, and parent/guardian ID., Immunization records

      Proof of Residence

    • Please submit one of the following acceptable documents:

      o    A utility service contract, bills or payment receipts (Gas, Water, or Electricity)

      o    Property taxes, rental or lease agreement, a current rental receipt with the address of the property on receipt

      o    Official government mail (CalWORKS, Social Security, Medi-Cal)

      o    Current pay stub

      o    Voter registration

      Proof of Age of Minor

      Please submit one of the following acceptable documents:

      o    Birth certificate

      o    Baptismal certificate

      o    Passport

      o    Court order

      o    Health office/vital statistics record of birth certificate date

      o    Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) letter verifying birthdate and an explanation of how this was verified

      Parent/Guardian/ Educational Rights Holder/ Caregiver ("parent") Identification

      Please submit one of the following acceptable documents:

      o    Student’s birth certificate or baptismal certificate or Court order establishing the parent/guardian relationship AND

      o    Adult’s government-issued photo identification (Driver’s license or DMV identification card)

      Proof of Immunization

      For your reference, the Parents’ Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry is available at here:     Parents’ Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry 

    • If available/applicable you may also submit copies of:

    • Transcripts or recent grade reports
    • Copy of most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan
    • Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) 1399 Form or minute order
    • Department of Probation placement information and/or Juvenile Court minute order
    • Court orders regarding legal custody, physical custody, or restricted contact with the school or child
    •  If you are missing any of these required documents, you may still submit the application we will contact you as soon as the application is processed.

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